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Revolution in the World of Waxing

By 01.01.2018May 6th, 2021Waxing Secrets

Revolution in the World of Waxing

A vision becomes reality! Waxes have been going through continuous development before the PINK waxing pearls conquered the beauty world. This long-awaiting moment appeared after a long evolution of different methods and tools used for hair removal process.

2000 BC

There is a proof that the ancient Egyptians were removing hairs from the body and that tradition has continued for millennia: hair removal is not a new phenomenon. In various periods and parts of the world, unwanted hairs were treated with pumice, tweezers, beeswax or ammonia. But a lot has happened since then.


Especially in the last decades a lot has happened in the waxing business. For anyone who does not know about the “old ways” in the beauty industry: just a few years ago, customers had to be asked to leave their hair for 14 days before waxing, so the hairs are at least 5 mm long.


At that time waxes had to be used very hot so we could apply them maximum twice, otherwise too much skin was removed. The old waxes were also difficult to remove from textiles – there was always a stain in the towel. The scent was not particularly attractive either and the packaging was something that you would not want to show to any customer.


Short hairs could not be gripped with the waxes at the beginning of the new millennia. So, the beautician sat there and laboriously picked them after the waxing…


Fortunately, these times are over and waxing products have changed tremendously thanks to ongoing research and development. Now, the hair removal evolution has reached its peak. Hair removal has never been easier, faster and more pain-free than with the latest generation of waxes such as Next Generation Wax.


PINK Next Generation Wax is a very flexible premium quality wax, which removes hairs from already 1 mm in length without fleece strips. The waxing process is fast, simple and for a customer gentler than ever before. In addition, it is extremely profitable, with only one bag, you can remove 100 eyebrows, 80 upper lips or 30 underarms.
Especially practical: The Next Generation Wax is also included in many of the new PINK Waxing Kits. With these popular kits, you can instantly get all the important essentials for your everyday waxing routine and get started right away.

Here is what beauticians and barbers are saying about the PINK Waxes

“The best wax! Whether Hot Wax or Strip Wax, both are great to work with and pleasant for the customers.”
Sabine H., be(e) Beauty
“I am very satisfied with the wax and would recommend it anytime.”
Manuela M., cosmetic studio Manuela Meyner
What PINK Next Generation Wax can do, that other waxes can't?
  • Successful already from 1 mm hair length
  • Highly effective and flexible: the wax does not break on the skin
  • Ideal for waxing of small and sensitive body areas thanks to low application temperature just above 40° C
  • Innovative pearl shape: very easy dosage and application
  • Multidirectional application and removal
  • Comes separately or as a part of specific PINK Waxing Kits

We wish you successful waxing!

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