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Waxing in Midsummer – PART 2

By 27.07.2021August 31st, 2021Waxing Secrets

Waxing in Midsummer – PART 2

In the Summer months, skin care before and after waxing is particularly important. Here you can find out everything about the optimal use of pre- & after-care waxing products in your studio.

It goes without saying that we always clean our customers’ skin before each waxing session. But in Summer it is important to be particularly careful: the hydro-lipid coat of the skin changes due to increased sweat. The germ load on the skin is higher in Summer. And due to the higher temperatures, our customers are increasingly applying deodorant. You should keep all this in mind and therefore be particularly meticulous when cleaning your skin in the Summer months.

The two PINK cleaning products SkinClean Lotion and SkinClean Foam remove dirt from the skin and get right of germs immediately before waxing. Thus, the skin is well prepared for depilation. When we are waxing sensitive areas such as the face, under arms and intimate areas with Hot Wax such as Next Generation Wax, we use the SkinClean Lotion. This antibacterial skin cleanser dries quickly, lifts the hair and therefore increases the adhesion of the wax. The contained aloe vera soothes and moisturizes. The SkinClean Foam is used on large areas that are depilated with Adore Strip Wax. Thanks to its practical foam consistency, it can be spread over a large area in a flash and is absorbed immediately.

Correct aftercare also plays a very important role in Summer. After waxing, the hair follicles are open. Due to increased sweating, the skin’s own bacteria can easily be transported into the hair follicles that are still open and trigger a bacterial skin reaction there. We then see this for 1-2 days as many small pustules (pimples) filled with pus.

We can easily prevent this if we consistently apply special waxing post-treatment products after hair removal on the face, back, chest or intimate area. The PINK AfterCare Cream contains antiseptic ingredients that reduce the amount of germs on the skin and is quickly absorbed. Your customers can buy this soothing post-treatment cream from you and use it regularly at home.

Would you like to do something good for your customers after hair removal and provide refreshment? As a last step, apply some PINK SkinCool Gel to them – they will love it. This cooling skin gel with menthol removes the reddening of the waxed area in no time and provides a wonderfully fresh feeling. An absolute boon, especially in the Summer months!

Despite everything a customer can still have skin problems after waxing. But there’s no need to worry! This can happen sporadically with high temperatures and depending on the disposition. Always have a few bottles of PINK SilverCare Face & Body Spray at the ready. This antibacterial microsilver spray soothes the skin and can quickly reduce any inflammation. Customers who are prone to bacterial skin reactions after waxing should preventively apply some of the microsilver twice a day, 3 days after waxing. The best part: the microsilver spray is a real multi-talented product. During the Summer months, customers can use it with the whole family for a variety of purposes, because microsilver is an effective aid against insect bites and sunburns amongst other things.

Our waxing customers can also do their part to ensure that their freshly depilated skin can regenerate as quickly as possible and looks wonderfully silky. In order to prevent any skin reactions, they should not use any perfumed products or rich creams for 12-24 hours after waxing, avoid swimming, sport or the sun and avoid excessive contact with the depilated area. Repeat these points from time to time in conversation with your customers, or give them a customer flyer, in which the most important Do’s & Don’ts are clearly listed. So nothing stands in the way of perfectly smooth and healthy Summer skin!

You can read about what else you need to consider when waxing in Summer in Part 1

We wish you successful waxing!

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