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By 24.06.2020Waxing Secrets

Get a head start to becoming a waxing pro!

Success does not come overnight, it requires preparation, prioritization & focus. Plan now for 2020 and secure one of the last places at the PINK Waxing Academy this year.

You want to include waxing in your services, complement your existing ones or update your technique? Now is the right time!

Mastering any skill requires repetition and lengthy experience with different customers. There are various skin types and hair lengths, which will all influence the type of waxing products you use to be most successful.

Learn step by step how even the most stubborn hair, even from 1mm length, can be removed fast, gently and thoroughly by visiting one of the interactive, practical trainings of maximum 4 participants. With or without prior knowledge: PINK Waxing Trainings are designed to prepare every trainee for all aspects of everyday waxing and the winter months are the perfect time to enter the waxing world.


Use the quieter months to get ready for the coming year

If you take enough time over the winter to practice your waxing routine, you can attend to new waxing customers in the spring in a more relaxed manner and confidently remove every hair – no matter how bristle, stubborn or hidden it may be.


What to look forward to when completing a PINK Waxing Training

  • An extensive Waxing Manual in bound form with detailed step-by-step instructions, FAQ, price calculations and many other useful waxing tips
  • A professionally designed certificate for your studio
  • Future support e.g. via our website, the PINK Waxing Secrets Newsletter and in the Depiladora’s Secrets Group on Facebook

Which module is best for me?

Our modules are suitable for both professionals and beginners. Are you a lash designer, hairdresser or make-up artist and want to learn how to remove facial hair? Then Perfect Face Training is just right for you. For the male facial hair removal, barbers should book the Barber Waxing Training. If you also want to wax legs and arms, the Body Basics Training is the best choice. If you would like to offer hair removal for the whole body, including intimate area, we advise you the Full Body Training. At the Brazilian Bikini Training, you will learn the gentle and thorough depilation of the intimate area, however the requirement is a completed participation Body Basics or Perfect Face Training to ensure you’ve learned the necessary basics.

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Even after the training we are at your side!

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Many more practical waxing tips straight from the studio can be found in our Waxing Manuals and in the Depiladora’s Secrets Facebook Group.

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