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Nose Waxing the Next Generation

By 23.08.2019June 15th, 2021Waxing Secrets

Give nose hair the noose

When it comes to waxing, men are still outnumbered compared to women, but the tendency is rising. No wonder: just about every man has unwanted hair growth that needs to be combated. But we are not talking only about the depilation of back or chest. The most problematic, hairy areas are one floor higher.

Men’s hair is different

Even though awareness is increasing by a day, many men are still not aware of what goes on in a beauty salon. They don’t know that you can not only get your eyebrows shaped, but also have your nose, ears or neck and even your fingers waxed.

Men have not only different type of hair, but it also grows in different places in comparison to women. Male hair is thicker, firmer and longer, so to do the job a HIGH-PERFORMANCE WAX is needed. Often the skin is also more robust. Due to the thickness of the hair, waxing may be more painful, too. Did you know that nose hair can grow up to 1 cm per month!? Paradoxically, due to their hormones, male hairs become denser and grow faster over the years, while they have less and less hair on their head.

Not only the men themselves are troubled by this wild growth. Dark hair lurking out of nose, is particularly unattractive and as you can imagine, women don’t find it sexy either. This female desire for less hairy men has slowly grown into a strong trend, pretty much all over the Globe already.

Many men, of all ages, who would never book a back waxing, are quite willing to have their nose-hair waxed. This is also due to many alternatives available today, including the home removal methods such as: scissors, the nose hair trimmer or individually and extremely painfully with the tweezers.

For the service of "Nose Waxing" you should plan about 10 minutes. When working with Next Generation Wax you can charge for about 10 to 15 euros, depending on your location of course, but the cost of material is always around 10 cents.

All these methods offer painful and more complicated solutions in comparison to waxing. For example, over-use of a trimmer may result in damage and, in the worst case, inflammation of the nasal mucosa.

When the job gets done, … and done well

If everything is done correctly, the hairs are pulled out with their roots and the result will be a satisfied customer without visible hairs for another three to four weeks and the new hair will be finer and less bristly. Before nose-hair waxing we check that the customer has no acute allergy or a runny nose. Also, it should be clarified in advance that the nasal mucosa is healthy, and the client has no sensitive blood vessels.

Hair removal, especially on sensitive areas, such as nose should not be a challenge when we understand that the key is to use only low temperature waxes, at temperatures as low as 40 ° C. Therefore, the choice of wax is even more so important when you have male customers. It helps creating their waxing experience a more pleasant one, by reducing the pain and possibilities for skin reactions.

How to do it

See step by step how nose waxing works for a client with a stubble.

First use a cotton pad and some PINK Skin Cleanser to clean the sweat and cream residues from the nasal area. After that use PINK Pre-Waxing Oil to protect the skin – a wafer-thin layer is enough.

Protect the beard with a fleece strip or a tissue. The wax should never touch the beard/moustache.

With a narrow but robust wooden spatula, we take a pearl-sized drop of wax. Be careful and insert spatula only max. 0.5 cm deep into the nose. Experts advise against deeper nose hair removal, because the hair in the nose has important functions: they clean and moisturize the inhaled air. Therefore, we really should only remove the foremost, visible hairs.

The wax must remain in the nose until it is firm. Be patient. If you pull the spatula out too early, residues may remain in the nose. You can carefully touch the wax on the spatula and press in. If it does not deform anymore, it is hardened and can be removed. Depending on the amount removed, hardening takes about two minutes.

Once the wax has hardened, hold the nose tip of the client and the spatula firmly with the other hand directly at the beginning of the nose. Then you pull quickly, but very carefully, the wax and spatula from the nose.

The process might need to be repeated. The result is something to be proud of: Many customers are astonished and take a very close look at the hair on the spatula. Afterwards, the skin should be cleaned with the PINK Skin Cleanser. The soothing PINK After Care Oil can be applied thinly.

We wish you successful waxing!

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