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Waxing: The Ultimate Sales Booster!

By 11.11.2018February 23rd, 2021Waxing Secrets

Did it ever cross your mind that waxing could be the perfect addition to your business?

Previously only available at hair-removal specialised studios, waxing has nowadays become a popular additional service for many beauticians, podiatrists, nail- and lash designers. And there is a good reason for this: Waxing can be combined with almost any cosmetic service in the beauty world.

Thanks to the innovative Next Generation Wax from PINK Cosmetics, even the shortest hairs from already 1 mm can be removed easily, quickly and highly effectively. After all, just about every customer has a few unwanted hairs that he or she would like to get rid of. So why not supplement the existing service with waxing or expand your existing waxing portfolio? This increases customer satisfaction and boosts sales at the same time!

These are the benefits of Waxing as an additional service

You do not need a new room, couch, treatment chair or table

On a small scale, waxing can easily be done on the nail table, on the pedicure chair or the treatment bed.

  • You offer manicure? Then ask your customers if they want to have their forearms waxed. After all, hands look much nicer when the forearms are well-groomed.
  • You work in the field of foot care? Then you can offer your customers hair removal from the lower legs and toes. During the pedicure, the legs automatically come into focus – an optimal introduction to a conversation about hair removal.
  • You work as a beautician? Offer your customers facial waxing. Who wants to have deep-pore cleansed skin with hair on their upper lip? Eyebrows can also be beautifully shaped with the Next Generation Wax. You can also extend your offer, e.g. with underarms and forearms waxing.
  • You are already successfully waxing small areas? Take your chance with a training at the PINK Waxing Academy to add large areas and bikini waxing to your portfolio.

Waxing with the Next Generation Wax requires minimal time and low material consumption

If you offer waxing as an additional service, both time and material consumption is extremely low. In addition to the wax itself, you will need a wax heater and a few drops of the appropriate pre- and after-care product, some cotton pads and a few paper tissues. There is no need for disinfection and sterilization equipment. If you opted for the paper rolls rather than towels, you can even skip the laundry.

How much can I earn when waxing with the Next Generation Wax?

1. Low cost of equipment

No matter which type of waxing fits your business model best, whether you just do facial waxing or want to work mobile – at PINK you will find the right Waxing Kit for your needs from as little as 122 Euro (plus VAT) and 10% better priced than when bought separately.

2. Waxing bookings are very regular

Most waxings are recurring at a rate of 4-6 weeks. Therefore, it is always a good idea to pair them with the main
services of foot care, manicure, lashes or facial treatment. Your customers will be grateful that they can also remove unwanted hair, it saves time and extra effort. And above all, they already trust you – which is a very important aspect.

3. The training costs are manageable

A professional training at the PINK Waxing Academy takes only one day and costs between €139.99 and €399.99 plus VAT. Thanks to the hands-on training in small groups and the easy handling of the PINK waxes, you can start with waxing immediately after that.

Should this lead to the desire to establish waxing as the main activity, you can expand your waxing know-how step by step, e.g. with the PINK Waxing Manuals and align your marketing, with our support.

On the road to success with PINK!

Whether you are a beginner or a professional who wants to make progress in the waxing business, you’re in good hands at the PINK Waxing Academy. We are here to help and are always at your side as your reliable partner. In addition to our high-quality training, we offer you the most innovative wax, which will allow experienced depiladoras to perform even faster, gentler and more thorough hair removal than ever before.

Join our English Depiladora’s Secrets Facebook Group to find out more about our training or book it directly. If you already have years of experience in waxing, you can refresh your knowledge with our Waxing Manuals, learn the latest techniques for hair removal from already 1 mm in length and save time and money with the PINK Waxing Kits.

Discover the world of PINK Waxing now and test Pink Lady Wax for free!


Learn from the best!

Learn from the best with professional training from the PINK Waxing Experts. Choose from a variety of training courses including 1:1 Online Live – Video Course or contact us for a tailor-made private training.


We wish you successful waxing!

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Many more practical waxing tips straight from the studio can be found in our Waxing Manuals and in the Depiladora’s Secrets Facebook Group.

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