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Waxing during Menopause (Part 2)

By 12.04.2018May 6th, 2021Waxing Secrets

Waxing in Menopause – Part 2

By: Aylin Kizilkaya (PINK Waxing Expert) and Susanne Heindorf (gynecologist)

Menopause is a natural process for us women. But I am always astonished to discover that even today it’s been treated as if it were a taboo, a failure to feel changes in the body.

Only when customers know their beautician well and have gained confidence, they begin to talk about it. It is a sensitive topic, especially for us beauticians who also work on the intimate area. I wish there was a calm and open approach to this. I want my clients to talk openly about hot flashes and dry skin. I would like to give them advice on how to take care about their private parts – after all, I am the skin expert.


PINK Waxing Expert and Head of the PINK Cosmetics Waxing Academy. She teaches, among others, 1 mm waxing technique.

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Pubic hairs have charm

Which intimate hairstyle suits more mature customers? Our young customers prefer to be as hair-free as possible. The bare “Brazilian Style” is the intimate favorite, and not only for the ladies. Hair-free intimate area is very popular from the men’s point of view too. How many times have I heard this from my customers’ husbands: “I wouldn’t mind if you removed all the hair in the intimate area next time …” Let me just mention that they are not my customers themselves.

More mature ladies have different ideas for intimate hairstyle. Pubic hair is in trend for many middle-aged women. Some ladies prefer a well-groomed “bikini line”, others a “landing strip”: Not all hair needs to be removed, but it should look neat. Too much hair must go, that’s clear. Our mature customers like to book an intimate waxing before the summer vacation, so it doesn’t have to be completely hair-free for all customers all year round. On the other hand, our mature ladies are much more demanding when it comes to intimate waxing.

The waxing should take place in a pleasant environment, the rooms should be clean and hygienic. The lounger should be nicely warm and quick freshening hygiene towels should be prepared. The lying positions should be comfortable and by no means shameful for the customer. If the customer has hip problems, we can put a small role under the knee for relaxation. Personal, confidential contact is just as important to intimate waxing as the expertise. Customers over the age of 50 do not necessarily like it when the beautician constantly change. The conversation during waxing should be pleasant.

We wish you successful waxing!

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