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Waxing during Menopause (Part 1)

By 05.03.2018May 6th, 2021Waxing Secrets

What actually happens to your customers’ facial hair during menopause?

Here is what hair removal expert Aylin Kizilkaya and gynaecologist Susanne Heindorf say about it.

When they reach menopause, many of your customers will have to deal not only with hot flushes and stubborn curves around their hips, but also with a cosmetic problem: suddenly visible coarse hairs on the upper lip and chin might cause quite a big problem for some of them. Unwanted facial hair is not uncommon and is often caused by hormonal changes in the body.

Next Generation wax products
Facial hair removal

If it’s not a matter of excessive discomfort but rather a few aesthetically disturbing hairs on your customer’s face, there is no reason to panic. Facial hair removal is one of the routine treatments in the beauty salon and we can deal with it quickly, so our customers can feel well again. There are quite a lot of customers who are looking for a beautician to remove all the disturbing facial hair on a monthly basis. These ladies are grateful and will be loyal customers for years to come. Therefore, it is worth improving your facial depilation techniques – it will pay off.


Gynaecologist Susanne Heindorf explains:
With menopause, the body’s own production of the estrogen and progesterone hormones decreases. At the same time, the production of the male sex hormone testosterone increases slightly, resulting in an excess of testosterone.

As a result, it often changes the appearance of the skin, it becomes greasy and prone to acne and impurities. The voice can also become slightly deeper and the ladies beard can appears due to it as well. Estrogen is especially important for building a healthy and firm skin structure, as it significantly controls the blood circulation and metabolism. If the estrogen secretion decreases, the water and fat content of the skin also decreases. The production of the collagen and elastin proteins, which provide elasticity and firmness, diminishes so the skin becomes thinner, drier and flaccid overall.

Testosterone dominance must not necessarily be the cause of excessive facial hair. The gynecologist is more likely to focus on increase in the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. This gives the thin and malnourished skin improved blood circulation and nutrient supply, cell division increases again, the skin becomes thicker and more resistant as a result. Furthermore, the untypical hair growth on upper lip, chin, abdomen, arms and legs can be slowed down by hormone therapy.

Upper Lip Hair Removal with Next Generation Wax


Clean the skin with the SkinClean cleanser and then apply a drop of PreCare Oil with a cotton pad. Massage the oil into the skin with gloves on (dab off excess with a tissue).


Apply the wax with a wooden spatula against the hair growth direction. Make the edge thicker so that it forms a “grip” to tear off. The wax can also be applied a little above the edge of the lip.


In the middle part of the upper lip the hair grows very close and in the direction of the chin. Apply a small wax patch. Too big patches should be avoided in the sensitive upper lip area.


Ask the customer to tighten her lips. Then pull off the small wax patch quickly and flatly against the hair growth direction and then apply pressure immediately.


If other areas such as the cheek or neck are to be depilated, you can do this with the same technique. The size of the wax patches is to be adapted to the area.


Ask the customer to tighten her lips. Then pull off the small wax patch quickly and flatly against the hair growth direction and then apply pressure immediately.

We wish you successful waxing!

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