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Which hair removal do you prefer: sugaring or waxing?

By 11.05.2021May 18th, 2021Waxing Secrets

Which hair removal do you prefer: sugaring or waxing?

Hair removal with sugar paste, aka sugaring, used to be a huge trend in the cosmetics industry in the years 2005-2015. After that, many beauty professionals switched to waxing. Why did the sugaring trend slowly go down? What are the advantages of sugaring and waxing? And which technology is optimal for which customers? You will find out all of this in this blog.

Benefits of sugaring

Sugaring is one of the oldest hair removal techniques known to a man. We are talking about several thousand years, believe it or not. A technique that has been proven successful over and over again. It is no wonder that there was again so much demand for sugaring around the year 2000. The ecological awareness of the population grew at that time and the sugar paste perfectly served the new desires of beauticians and customers for sustainable solutions.

The advantage of the sugar paste is mainly that it consists purely of natural ingredients; sugar, water, and lemon juice, and that is water-soluble. Sugar paste residues can easily be removed with water or a damp compress after hair removal. Practical! But why then did so many beauty professionals switch to waxing?

Expectations have changed

The demands of our customers in terms of hair removal have increased steadily over the past ten years. Whereas in the past customers with an average hair length of half a centimetre came to the beauty studio for an appointment, today hair removal is desired already from an average length of 2–3 millimetres.

While around ten years ago it was mainly the lower legs, armpits and bikini that were depilated, today the waxed areas have extended to whole legs and entire intimate area. And let’s not forget: eyebrows, upper lips and nostrils also need to be waxed.

When time became precious…

Whereas ten years ago customers were happy to allow up to two hours for hair removal, today everyone wants to leave the studio after a maximum of one hour.

During those periods when customers were more prone to sweating, they had to have their appointment rescheduled, because the sugar paste wasn’t efficient enough. Due to its water-soluble composition the sugar paste therefore loses its adhesion in contact with sweat. But today no customer wants to go home hairy because they were sweating too much.

Sugaring requires a very-well established routine

Sugaring is usually suitable for hairs from 3–4 mm, for customers with dry skin and normal hair thickness. A good routine in sugaring is a necessity for hair removal to work well. Studios that offer sugaring should therefore regularly remove hairs with sugar paste so that a high routine is given. Compared to waxing, the physical effort required for sugaring is significantly higher and the time required for the sugaring treatment is up to 40% more compared to a waxing treatment.

Advantages of waxing

Next Generation 1mm Collage

For beauty professionals, the reliable result of hair removal comes first. We need to work with materials that we can rely on and that meet customers’ expectations. Innovative waxes such as the vegan Next Generation Wax are effective for hairs from 1 mm hair and even on sweaty skin. Nourishing oils and a low application temperature make hair removal with waxes such as Next Generation Wax an all-round gentle experience.

Today, thanks to modern waxes, we can work thoroughly, quickly and effortlessly, because waxing does not require a lot of strength or time and it is also easy to learn. The times when we had to rest after a leg waxing or when we had to spend more than an hour on whole legs are a thing of the past.

Customer satisfaction is still the key

At the end of the day, as studio owners, we simply want satisfied customers, so we also need to have a good understanding of customer demands and what changes we need to make to meet them. We have to therefore keep checking our materials and working methods. Do these materials and technology fit in my studio? Do I know the limits of my materials? Or; do I need to adjust some things?

We wish you successful waxing!

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