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Successful new beginning with PINK

By 25.10.2019February 26th, 2020Waxing Secrets

Successful new beginning with PINK

The dream of self-employment, the pursuit of more self-determination, better working conditions and professional fulfillment – there are many reasons to start a new business. Trying something completely different, becoming self-employed, boldly exploring new frontiers – this is what many dream of.

However, this is often easier said than done. Where should the new path lead? What is the financial impact of retraining? What will friends and family say when you suddenly change the direction and dare to try something new? When day-to-day work becomes frustrating, health often suffers in addition to motivation. When we reach that point, only the emergency brake helps…

We spoke with Nadine Hermes, who dared to enter the beauty industry arena three years ago and today runs a successful studio in Saarlouis.

Nadine, what did you do before you started in the beauty industry?

In my “previous life”, I was a nurse for 20 years. At first glance an exciting and fulfilling profession, but working conditions, workload and pay were simply not well balanced. And so I started thinking about alternatives. I myself have been a waxing customer for a long time and only partially satisfied with the offer, the result and above all the quality. Thus, I found my alternative with the independence in my own waxing studio and have intensively dealt with the topic of performance optimization and location search.

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And how did you come across PINK?

I discovered PINK online and I really liked the brand right away. Personable, young, aspiring, modern – that sparked my interest. And when I experienced the quality of the waxes and trainings, I was convinced: This is the right choice for me!

Did your previous job help you?

Definitely! The skin assessment and valuation, but also various risk factors and clinical pictures, hygiene measures, the physical and emotional proximity to the customer and the service awareness were all, of course, something I already knew about from the time I worked in hospital.

What would your advice be to other newcomers?

Take your time, it pays off! After my waxing training, I tried it for a few weeks on models, acquaintances and family members to improve my technique. This gave me a lot of confidence and took out the pressure. Soon after that, the recommendations followed and many of these first “guinea pigs” are still happy, regular customers.

What is your résumé after 3 years of self-employment in the waxing sector?

To this day, I am completely happy with my decision – the change meant a real liberation for me. There is only one thing that I “regret”: that I didn’t do it earlier. I go to the studio with joy every day and do not really see my work as work, but as a great enrichment.

Are you also dreaming of starting the waxing business?

Earlier only available at specialized studios, hair removal with wax is nowadays a popular additional service. And there is a good reason for it: thanks to the innovative waxes from PINK Cosmetics, even the smallest hairs from already 1 mm can be removed easily, quickly and highly efficiently. This adds to customer satisfaction and boosts sales at the same time.

We wish you successful waxing!

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