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Silky, Smooth Legs in an Instant

By 07.07.2018June 24th, 2021Waxing Secrets

Roll & Go

Waxing has never been faster or easier

The summer holidays are just around the corner and there is no time to waste: silky, smooth beach legs are the highest priority!

For the leg hair removal, you have both the Adore Strip Wax from the tub and the handy roll-on variant on offer. Both products remove hair gently and precisely from already 2mm in length – but which one fits your needs best for the everyday waxing?

Do the test:

My wax heater is more than 2-3 steps away from the couch.
I am not very experienced handling the spatula.
Depilation of large areas is only a small part of my work.
I work mobile.

What is so special about the Adore Roll-ons from PINK?

Hair removal with roll-on cartridges is extremely convenient and fast. It does not require handling the spatula. Simply heat and apply. The Strip Wax always comes out of the cartridge evenly. It contains skin-care oils which simplify the rolling of the wax on the skin and also make it possible to work very economically. The wax is applied very thinly. This is not only extremely economical for you, but also gentler for your customers, because the thinner the wax layer, the more pleasant the depilation.

The roll-ons are also extremely productive: For both lower legs and knees of a customer you need less than half of a cartridge. Unlike some other cartridges, the Adore Roll-ons are also completely emptied when used.

This is how the waxing of the lower legs and knees works:

Heat wax: Heat the Adore Roll-ons to approx. 50 °C in a cartridge heater (Level 6 on the PINK Triple Roll-on Heater Professional Edition).

Check consistency: At the right temperature, the wax has a syrupy, thin-liquid consistency and can be applied smoothly. It moves slightly back and forth in the cartridge. The cartridges must be put back to the heater immediately after application.

Skin pre-care: First apply 2 pumps of PINK SkinClean Foam with your hands to remove oil films, dirt, sweat, impurities and cream residues. Massage in until the foam is fully absorbed into the skin.

Applying & removing wax: Mentally divide the lower leg into sections. First, remove the shin hair in individual stages. Roll the cartridge over a waxing strip until wax appears on the roller head or the waxing strip. Then apply the wax in a thin layer in the hair growth direction. Important: The Adore Roll-on is applied very sparingly – meaning it is applied only once (not multiple times in one place); it looks almost transparent on the skin.

After application, you have about 30 – 40 seconds to remove the wax. If left longer, the Adore Strip Wax becomes firm and doesn’t stick well to the waxing strip.
To remove it, place the waxing strip on the wax and ensure firm contact between the wax and the waxing strip by brushing up and down once. Then pull off the strip quickly against the hair growth direction along the skin surface.

The next step continues with the calf. The customer lies down in the abdominal position and puts up her or his toes. As a result, the calves are stretched, and the waxing is perceived as more pleasant. In the calf area, the hair often grows diagonally. Please note this when applying and removing the wax.

Finally, we move to the knee. Ask your customer to angle it slightly. This makes the application and removal of the Adore Strip Wax much easier. Apply the wax in a thin layer in the hair growth direction. Since the skin in the knee area is often heavily keratinized, the wax should be applied in small stages and quickly removed.

Treating the skin: Finally, apply some PINK AfterCare Cream to disinfect the skin, provide it with intensive moisture, soothe it and help the hair follicles close. PINK AfterCare Cream is preferably applied in summer or to prevent folliculitis.

Alternatively (on very dry skin and in winter), apply a little PINK AfterCare Oil to reduce irritation, moisturize and regenerate the skin. The PINK AfterCare Oil dries quickly and does not leave a sticky film.

For a cooling effect and to reduce redness, the treatment is completed with the PINK SkinCool Gel.

We wish you successful waxing!

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