Silky Smooth Legs In A Blink

By 28.05.2019 February 26th, 2020 Waxing Secrets

Legs Waxing: Large Area, Small Effort

Cropped jeans, cargo pants or cycling shorts –  no matter which fashion trend your customers decide to follow this spring, here is how to make their legs silky smooth in a blink.

In the springtime, we are already experiencing some summer days… and our pants are getting shorter and shorter. For those who have diligently grown hair during winter, it’s about time to get rid of the winter fur. PINK Strip Wax Roll-on allows you to remove the strongest and bristliest hair as short as 2 mm in the blink of an eye with the PINK 2 mm Waxing Technique. Strip Wax Roll-ons are especially suitable for waxing large areas such as legs, arms, chest and back.

Benefits of the PINK Strip Wax Roll-On

Fast, effective & clean

PINK Strip Wax Roll-on allows you to work fast and efficient due to the rolling head that rolls easily and without resistance. The wax doesn’t stick to the rolling head and doesn’t require a spatula for application. PINK Strip Wax Roll-on allows you to remove the strongest and bristliest hair as short as 2 mm in the blink of an eye with the PINK 2 mm Waxing Technique.  It’s also perfect for mobile use.

Very economical

One of the biggest economic benefits is that the PINK Strip Wax Roll-on cartridge can be reheated and emptied without leaving any wax in the cartridge. PINK Strip Wax Roll-on can save your business up to 50% of the cost of “waxing with roll-ons” when compared to some other roll-ons in the market. You can wax up to six thighs with one cartridge of the Strip Wax Roll-on.

Very Pleasant to Use & Gentle on the Skin

This is due to the presence of nourishing Tea Tree and Jojoba oils, which help to apply wax in a very thin layer for more comfortable customer experience. The wax flows easily and evenly from the cartridge and does not cause any damage to the skin when applied, thanks to high quality, nourishing oils. Several applications are possible, one after the other.

Heat wax
Check consistency
Apply Pre-Care
Apply wax
Remove wax
Apply After-Care
To find out more about why is Strip Wax the “Depiladora’s Favorite” see our Strip Wax pages.
Strip Wax Quick-Starts

If you’ve already unpacked your sandals for your spring look, no problem! Unwanted hairs on your toes can easily be removed with a small amount of Next Generation Wax – already effective from 1 mm hair length.

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