Preparation is Everything!

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All Round Care: Pre & After-Care

„How can PINK Waxing Techniques make hair removal even more effective?“

The main advantage of waxing with the PINK products is that you can rest assured that the quality will continue to support your customer satisfaction. Our Waxing Experts are continuously working towards improvement of all our products including the PINK Pre- and After-Care products.

The PINK Pre- and After-Care products are the key to the PINK 1 mm- and 2 mm Waxing Techniques.

Preparation is Everything: PINK Skin Cleanser

With this mild, fresh and modern cleanser, we set new standards for skin cleansing in depilation. The new PINK Skin Cleanser is free of paraffins and parabens and contains less alcohol than its predecessor. A fine, fresh fragrance completes the product. The PINK Skin Cleanser is suitable for sensitive skin. It gently removes make-up, cream residues, oil and sweat while moisturizing at the same time. Applied before and after waxing, it restores the pH balance of the skin and gently closes the pores.

The Ultimate Protection: PINK Pre-Waxing Oil

The PINK Pre-Waxing Oil has always been and will remain the insider tip for gentle waxing. Now the composition of the oil has been improved even more. The former product contained paraffin as its main ingredient, which is generally being increasingly rejected. Our improved product is free of paraffins and parabens. Four nourishing oils form a protective film between wax and skin and prevent them from sticking together. Of course, we have retained Aloe Vera as an additional protection in the new recipe. As always, the PINK Pre-Waxing Oil should only be used in conjunction with the PINK Next Generation Wax and not with PINK Strip Wax.

Calms the Skin: PINK After Care Lotion

The PINK After Care Lotion is the ideal product for soothing the skin after facial hair removal. The main active ingredients of this new lotion are Aloe Vera extract and Soybean Oil. After hair removal, it soothes the skin and protects against inflammation. The after-care lotion absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy film. Our Experts recommend to apply it directly after face and bikini waxing; all you need is a hazelnut-sized amount.

The Velvety Finish: PINK After Care Oil

The new moisturising After Care Oil has a velvety texture and soothes the skin after application. The contained Argan Oil reduces skin irritation and helps to prevent ingrown hair. Moroccan Argan Oil is well-known for its nourishing and even skin-rejuvenating properties. This is due to the composition of its fatty acids and the valuable antioxidants. A drop of the PINK After Care Oil can also be used to skillfully remove wax residue after waxing.

When do I use the PINK Pre- and After-Care products?

PINK Pre- and After-Care products containing valuable ingredients are the key to success for professional and gentle hair removal. They are the key to waxing with the PINK 1 mm- or 2 mm Waxing Techniques.

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