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Pimples or butt acne: how to prevent and treat these annoying “bum spots”?

By 25.02.2021February 28th, 2021Waxing Secrets

Pimples or butt acne: how to prevent and treat these annoying “bum spots”?

Butt acne are pimples on the bum/bottom and buttocks. They are very uncomfortable for most customers. Those who are affected often don’t talk about it. The pimples on the bottom not only look unsightly (especially in bikini panties in summer), they can also be painful – especially when sitting. That is why quick help is important! If bacteria gets near one of those, the problem of course worsens and we see a development of inflamed, painful pimples. We often discover these unsightly red spots during an intimate waxing, leg waxing or by chance when our customers undress for a body treatment. The good news is: We beauticians can recommend our customers means to remedy this quickly and easily.

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Why do we get pimples on the bum?

Pimples occur when pores are clogged. The cause is usually an increased sebum production and a cornification disorder of the skin. In the case of pure keratinization pimples, nothing speaks against mechanical peeling with a special waxing peeling glove. Spray peelings, on the other hand, are advisable for inflamed pus pimples on the buttocks. Unpleasant hairs and ingrown hairs are often found on the bottom. Butt waxing and the right home care can quickly increase the well-being of our customers in this sensitive area.

By the way, many men also suffer from pimples on their buttocks. Ambitious cyclists in particular cause skin irritation from prolonged sitting on the bicycle saddle and the associated friction in the perineum region. This allows bacteria to get into the skin and create painful pimples.

What can we recommend to our customers?

The correct treatment consists of several steps. First and foremost, our customers should clean up the area. Physically exfoliating the inflamed area is a no-no!! Your customer can start with either the PINK Exfoliating Glove or the PINK Ingrown Spray as a prevention and treatment but only for non-inflammed pimples! They are both great for pimples, caused by cornification and which are not infected. People often think they are doing themselves a favour by exfoliating their bum because it makes their rear end feel smoother. In reality, they are making inflammation worse, which could lead to potential scarring and hyperpigmentation. For inflammed pimples you can use PINK Ingrown Hair Spray. Below, we have summarized all the recommendations for professional skin care at home:

PINK SilverCare

Antibacterial microsilver spray for soothing the skin and preventing inflammation. It is suitable for the entire body, especially for sensitive skin, it binds unwanted germs and makes them harmless.

It’s great to use after hair removal treatment because it helps avoid itching and skin irritations.

Antibacterial AfterCare Cream

Ingredients perfectly combined to eliminate inflammatory pimples skin on the buttocks.

This product provides perfect post-waxing skin care with its antiseptic and nourishing ingredients. It reduces skin irritations and redness as well as regenerates and inhibits any new inflammations.

Ingrown Hair Spray

The PINK Ingrown Spray contains lactic acid and salicylic acid to get the customer’s problem of ingrown hairs under control. These ingredients are widely used to help dissolve calluses and reduce inflammation. Arnica, allantoin and witch hazel are proven power ingredients to smooth and calm the skin. Start 2–3 days after waxing and apply 1–2 times daily on respective skin areas.

Exfoliating glove

Perfect for wet and dry massages on the buttocks and the entire body. The stronger monofilament side is perfect for exfoliating ingrown hairs and larger skin areas. Just massage  1-2 times a week (for heavily ingrown hairs: 1x daily) with circular movements. Pause 2-3 days after waxing.

Breathable underwear

The wrong underwear can also lead to pimples on the bottom. We can advise our customers not to wear synthetic fiber panties. Cotton underwear is better because it is breathable and skin-friendly.

Dyes and detergents can also be the cause of pimples on the buttocks.

Avoid friction

In order to protect your skin, instead of skin-tight jeans, you should often wear airy pants and skirts made of cotton fabric. They don’t rub against the skin and prevent pustules from forming. If you can’t do without jeans, you should wear cotton panties underneath instead of a thong. It acts as a chafe protection for the skin.

Find out more about how your customers can do prevention and treatment of ingrown hairs at home: PINK SPA Cosmetics

We wish you successful waxing!

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