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On the Way to Perfection

By 03.01.2018May 6th, 2021Waxing Secrets

“How long do I need to practice waxing to become a Waxing Profi?”

Are you a newly qualified Depiladora? Have you recently completed all the training at one of our PINK Waxing Academy Centers or perhaps you learned at home from the Full Body Waxing Manual or even booked your Online or In-House Traning? Then, first of all, “Congratulations!” You have now acquired waxing expertise and became familiar with the latest generation of waxes that remove hair even as short as 1 mm. Have you already prepared everything for your big start? Did you look into the PINK waxes, spatulas, heaters, pre and after-care products, selected some eye-catching marketing material, etc.? If not yet, there is no better than now, if you are ready with all your tools then you have created perfect grounds for a successful and trendy waxing business.

And now you are certainly eager to get started!

It takes a dash of discipline to perfect the craft, to develop safety and speed in the application. It takes about 30 days for a routine to become a habit so you can confidently use wax and spatula.

How do you become a professional Depiladora?

Maybe you have an existing beauty salon? Then your customers will be happy to hear about your new offering, which helps them to reduce their trips to beauty and other body care studios, such as pedicure, manicure, waxing studios, etc. Especially if you have many loyal and regular customers it is very easy to introduce your recently acquired art of the PINK 1mm and 2mm Waxing Techniques. New services will also be attracting new customers. Use the PINK marketing material to raise awareness of your new service and drive your business forward. In an existing business new services can be brought in quite easily.
Or maybe you are also a newcomer, you dream of your own studio and do not have a customer base, but want to build it up? Then take your time and set yourself achievable goals!

Click on the pictures to download the PINK Perfect Face facial templates

If you would like to first train on your own, then you can print out our PINK Perfect Face templates and thus further perfect the wax application without any models.

How to make a patch using the Next Generation Wax?

Patches for the underarm area can be practised very well on fleece strips. To do this, follow the next steps:

  • Draw some underarm hair on a waxing strip.
  • Add oval-shaped line around it and then apply the wax inside the oval shape with a clean, slightly thicker edge.
  • Practice applying and removing several patches daily, preferably on your own thighs as well.

This also trains the correct gripping and removal of a patch. You can practice this in parallel with the training on the customer.

A recommended approach would be to train on about 20 people after the PINK Waxing Training. You need friends to become the Master! Ask your acquaintances, family and neighbors – women and men alike. Almost everyone has annoying hairs that they want to get rid of. Some colleagues also find their models via social media. For example, you can offer 50% off the regular price.

Also, do not hesitate to contact us for further support – we are here for you, even after the training. For more in detail and learning about waxing from the comfort of your home, you can now also buy a Full Body Waxing Manual for only 49.99 EUR, excl. VAT in our Shop or on Amazon. Keep an eye also on these blogs to further your know-how and polish your skills. To exchange tips and tricks with other beauty professionals and our PINK Waxing Experts, join the Depiladora’s Secrets Facebook page.

We wish you successful waxing!

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Many more practical waxing tips straight from the studio can be found in our Waxing Manuals and in the Depiladora’s Secrets Facebook Group.

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