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Mobile Waxing is Increasingly in Demand

By 07.02.2020September 14th, 2020Waxing Secrets
Waxing on the Move PINK Waxing secrets

Mobile Waxing is Increasingly in Demand

For a successful waxing service, you do not necessarily need your own premises. All types of waxing treatments can be carried out on a massage table and can therefore also be offered on the go. Here you will find the most important tips on equipment, hygiene and optimal procedure when waxing on-the-go.

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What are the benefits of a mobile waxing service?

Don’t want to be tied into a long-term lease? No space for a home studio? Perhaps you are looking for a way to start a part-time business? Then mobile working can be a real alternative.

For your customers, this means no potentially long journeys and theannoying search for a parking space anymore. Working customers can save so much time. Young mothers do not need a babysitter, elderly customers can avoid the sometimes tedious walk to the studio and for some clients a mobile waxing means simply a bit of luxury in hectic everyday life.

What equipment do you need when waxing at the customer’s premises?

The handy heating device, Depilatory Heater Professional Edition with 450 ml capacity, is suitable for mobile waxing of facial hair, underarms and the intimate area. The Next Generation Wax used on these body areas is supplied in a resealable stand-up pouch – so it can be stored easily after use.

Next Generation Berry Bomb and Heater 450ml
Adore Roll-on

For large areas, it is recommended to work with PINK Strip Wax Roll-on and the accompanying Triple Roll-on Heater Professional Edition. The combination is leak-proof and easy to transport.

The required PINK pre- and aftercare products, as well as the other accessories such as spatulas, gloves, cotton pads, cleansing tissues and fleece strips, can be  stored and carried hygienically and safely in small, pretty plastic boxes, e.g. from Ikea.

For the waxing treatment, you need a foldable and easy to transport massage table. Your equipment should also include a multi socket and a magnifying glass. A high-quality clip-on lamp provides a good light on the table when working mobile. For a hygienic pad, you can either bring towel or a two meter long piece of paper roll, which can then be folded up and disposed of in the garbage.

How can you comply with the hygiene regulations when waxing on-the-go?

Both a surface disinfectant and a skin disinfectant are a necessary part of the mobile waxing equipment. Before the start and at the end of the waxing, the areas around the treatment devices and massage table should be disinfected.

Just as in the regular waxing studio, wooden spatulas may only be used once per side, since double dipping is not permitted according to the hygiene regulations. Wearing disposable gloves is also mandatory, again the same as in the studio. Wax patches, used fleece strips, cleansing tissues and cotton pads can be disposed of with household waste.


What are the challenges?

Depending on where you offer your waxing service, finding a parking space can be a challenge, especially in a big city. Therefore, it is important to check the parking options in advance. In rural areas, this is typically not a problem. You can often park right outside the customer’s house.

Preparation is everything, especially during the first months. Keeping a checklist can help not to forget any products. You can also prepare questions to inquire in advance whether additional products may be interesting for a customer.

Melting Waxing with Heater 450ml

How can I use the warm-up time of the wax heaters?

The devices require a total warm-up time of about 20 minutes. That is why it is important to plug in the heaters as soon as you arrive and to make good use of this time. The Next Generation Wax is first heated at the highest level for 15 minutes. The Triple Roll-on Heater needs approx. 20 minutes at the highest level to heat the roll-ons to the right consistency.

During this time, the massage table should be set up, the workplace can be prepared, and you get a chance to complete the Waxing Consultation Sheet together with your customer. They can also be informed and advised how to behave within the first 24-48 hours after waxing. If the customer has problems with ingrown hair or very sensitive skin, you can already advise them now on the PINK SPA products.

After 15 minutes, the Next Generation Wax should be almost warmed up. The wax should be stirred vigorously for another 5 minutes and the heat controller can now be set to the desired level. Your customer can now undress and lie down on the massage table – waxing can begin. If the customer wishes to be waxed on large areas such as arms and legs, your wax will also be ready by now.

SPA Cosmetics Produkte

What comes next, once I finish the waxing treatment?

After waxing, the heater should be turned off first so that the waxes can cool down and become firm. This is relatively quick. Before leaving the customer, you should remove any traces of wax on the floor with a few drops of PINK Wax Solvent.

How do I calculate my prices?

In the PINK Full Body Waxing Manual you will find spreadsheets for the respective skin areas with average treatment prices. These can serve as helpful guidelines for orientation – of course with the relevant local price deviations. With mobile waxing services, flat rates for travel are also charged. For longer journeys, the outward and return journeys must also be factored in as working hours.

Enjoy your mobile waxing!

Mobile waxing comes with its challenges but it can be very rewarding. Those who require more flexible working hours or live in the suburbs with less demand for beauty treatments can benefit from it greatly.

We wish you successful waxing!

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Many more practical waxing tips straight from the studio can be found in our Waxing Manuals and in the Depiladora’s Secrets Facebook Group.

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