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Gift Vouchers: The Undervalued Sales Booster

By 22.01.2020January 24th, 2020Waxing Secrets
Gift Vouchers The underestimated Turnover Push

Gift Vouchers: The Undervalued Sales Booster

How can you acquire new customers and increase awareness as well as sales without too much effort or high costs? Gift vouchers are a very effective option. However, they are often ignored and therefore not actively promoted. And yet they offer so many advantages.

Vouchers are a form of recommendation marketing. They have the same value as a personal recommendation and are also a free, self-spreading advertisement – you can hardly wish for anything better than that.

When a potential customer receives a voucher from an existing customer, the likelihood that this new customer will redeem the voucher and thus also become regular is very high. It simply makes you curious. Your friend has raved about her smooth, waxed legs so often already – and you don’t want to waste the gift either. Now that you received a waxing voucher for the much-praised studio, why not make an appointment and also enjoy silky soft legs – and thanks to a voucher, at no cost! Once this new customer is in the studio, we can win her over with excellent service, expert advice and craftsmanship.

How do I advertise my gift vouchers?

Our customers are happy to give their loved ones something that they themselves believe in. Personal gifts that you have tried by yourself and of which you are convinced are trendy! But first, the idea needs to be born and the customer must become aware that you offer vouchers at all. The waxing vouchers should therefore be cleverly placed, preferably so that they always come into the customer’s vision field, even during the treatment. Pre-made vouchers, which are attractively designed and visibly placed, encourage the customers to buy them in order to bring joy to their family, friends and acquaintances.

Vouchers can be marketed for any occasion and deserve to be in the focus of sales. We have become very accustomed to promoting our services and beauty products and now it‘s time to also pay attention to vouchers.

Next month it’s Valentine’s Day, shortly after that Easter. Gifts for mothers, girlfriends or partners will often be discussed. It is also worth to proactively ask your customers: ‘Do you give your husband a gift for Valentine’s Day?’ This allows us to bring the vouchers into the conversation.

The vouchers should also be mentioned on the studio website, so that even a non-customer, e.g. the partner who is looking for a gift, can easily find them.

How do I issue a gift voucher?


At the customer’s request, vouchers can be issued for a certain amount of money, for example in the amount of 50 Euro. Advantage: a person receiving the gift can choose the treatment. If the voucher is not completely used up, the remaining amount can be redeemed on a second visit. Some people prefer not to have any amount of money written on the voucher. In that case, you can offer them the ‘service voucher’ variant where a specific service, for example facial waxing, is listed.

PINK offers stylish gift vouchers for both men and women.

We wish you successful waxing!

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