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Face Waxing in Winter

By 12.12.2018July 25th, 2021Waxing Secrets

Face Waxing in Winter

Heating & freezing cold – winter means stress for the facial skin, so no wonder that facials are booming during the winter months. We’ll show you how you can also skillfully integrate waxing.

Who does not know them: Customers with problem-free skin, but many unwanted hairs on their faces? With ladies, it is usually upper lip hair, too many, long eyebrows, visible nose hair and downy hair on the cheeks. For men, ears are often added to this list. A special facial treatment should be offered to these customers, where the hair removal is a priority, and which can be used in a similar way for women and men. For many customers, this treatment is not a luxury but absolutely necessary for them to feel comfortable in their skin. It lasts about 60 minutes for female and 45 minutes for male customers. Depending on how fast the hair regrows, it should be repeated every 4-6 weeks.

The facial treatment can be done with the range of products you use in your practice, with the addition of Next Generation Wax. In the facial area, we find various hair structures: the thick and well-formed bristle hairs such as beard hair, eyebrows and nose hair and fine vellus hairs that form the entire fluffy hair area.

This is how you should proceed


Clean the face with a gel or foam. Depending on the skin type you can apply a cleaning mask. Please do not use moisturizing cleansing products, as the skin should be free from make-up and cream residues for hair removal. After cleaning, remove the last residues with the PINK SkinClean Lotion.


For seborrheic skin types and heavier keratinization, you can use a gentle enzyme peel that works without Vapozone. This will make it easier to remove the hair later. Before waxing, a heavy swelling of the skin should be avoided. Too strong peeling is to be avoided too, because the hair removal itself is also a peeling! Before the hair removal, the skin must be gently disinfected.

Apply & remove wax:

To prepare the skin for depilation, a drop of PINK PreCare Oil is applied with a cotton pad and briefly rubbed in with the hands. The oil forms a thin protective film between wax and skin. This prevents sticking together and results in less skin irritation. If necessary, pat the skin dry with a tissue.


Curved, wide, straight – the right eyebrow shape gives the face contour and makes the look harmonious. To get an ideal result, it is first necessary to recognize the appropriate brow shape for your customer and discuss it with her. Then the length of the eyebrows is checked by brushing them up with a brow brush and cutting the long hairs; trimming is often necessary, especially with male customers. Most men prefer an unobtrusive brow correction, where only the brow is cleaned from above and the area between the brows is thoroughly depilated.

For female customers, apply Next Generation Wax above, between and below the eyebrows as needed – always tense the skin well and apply the wax under firm pressure with the edge of the spatula so that the entire hair is coated. Next Generation Wax patches are always peeled off against hair growth direction. You reach under the wax patch with your thumb to get a good grip. Then you pull off small patches in one go.

Nose hair

Not only men, but also many women are bothered by visible dark nasal hair. Only the visible hairs at the very front of the nostril are removed; but only if there is no runny nose or an increased tendency to nosebleeds. Most customers do not know that we have the ability to remove nasal hair in the cosmetic practice and gratefully accept this service. The trimmer at home only cuts the hairs, while we remove them with the root.

First, the customer should dry the nose from the inside with a tissue. Using a small wooden spatula, insert a pearl-sized amount of Next Generation Wax into the nostril and allow to harden. With men, a tissue prevents the wax to end on the beard. Hold the bridge of the nose firmly and pull the wooden spatula out of the nose with a jerk. Squeeze the nose briefly, then slowly let go.

Ear hair

Traditionally, ear hairs in Oriental countries are burned by the barber with methylated spirits, following wet shaving. Too risky for you? No problem! Ear hair can also be wonderfully removed with wax. Male customers are very happy about this service, because it is difficult to remove hair from their own ears.

First put some cotton into the ear canal. Apply with an extra-thin wooden spatula and a pearl-sized amount of wax, forming a slightly thicker tab to peel off. After about a minute, hold the earlobe well and pull off the wax patch against the hair growth direction.

Upper lip

There is hardly a customer without hairs on the upper lip. For the waxing of the upper lip we need a powerful wax, because here there are many short and bristly hairs. In addition, this area is often sweaty and very sensitive. The best choice here is Next Generation Wax, because it can also be applied over the stretched lip area and so clean the part around the lips edges, without damaging the lip skin. The very stubborn, 0.1-0.2 mm thick bristle hairs can be excellently removed.

Start with the sides of the upper lip. The upper lip center can be depilated with a small separate wax patch. Here you can find many fine hair. It is also the most sensitive area.


Many customers complain that the fine white hairs on the face increase over the years. Removing these hairy fluffs, however, can cause strong reactions. Why? There are several hundred vellus hair follicles per square centimeter. If these hairs are removed, for some customers the excess sebum cannot drain so well resulting in a breeding ground for pustules.

When doing the first treatment, it is recommended to perform the test in the back of the cheek. If the Id downy hair removal is well tolerated, the entire fluff area can be depilated in the subsequent treatment. For the cheek and neck, the larger wooden spatula can be used. The wax patches should not be bigger than an egg. Attention should be paid to a clean and thicker edge.

After waxing:

Once all the hairs have been removed and the customer is satisfied with the result, the hair removal treatment can be finalized. For this purpose, put a few drops of PINK SkinClean Lotion on a cotton pad and clean up the depilated area. The Skin Cleanser disinfects, closes the pores and regulates the pH value of the skin. Upon customer request, a small amount of PINK AfterCare Cream can now be applied. This completes the face waxing process. The skin is relaxed, and mild redness usually disappears after 1-2 hours. However, if the person is prone to redness, this should be done in the evenings.

Now your customers can enjoy the winter days with a soft, well-groomed skin. However, before leaving the studio, please inform them what they should avoid in the next 24-48 hours. For this you can use our customer flyer for help.

We wish you successful waxing!

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