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Discover the secret of perfect Brazilian Waxing

By 15.06.2020February 23rd, 2021Waxing Secrets

What is Brazilian Waxing?

With Brazilian Style waxing, the hair in the intimate area is removed with a type of wax known as film wax or hot wax. This method comes from Brazil, hence the name. The nice thing about waxing in contrast to shaving is that you can get rid of annoying hairs for several weeks not only a few days. Since with waxing the hairs are removed together with hair follicles, we notice the growth of fewer and thinner hairs.

Brazilian Waxing styles

What intimate hairstyles are there?

Depending on personal preference, season or occasion, your customer can choose from a variety of intimate hairstyles. In addition to some more classic options, there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to patterns and shapes.

At the moment the ‘Full Brazilian Style’ or the ‘Hollywood Style’ are particularly popular. It means we remove all the hairs in the bikini line as well as on the labia and around it. However, many customers also decide to leave a narrow strip (landing strip).

Process for a successful Intimate Waxing

Depilation of the intimate area is similar to peeling an onion. You work from the outside in. First we remove hairs of the bikini area. This is usually outside of the customer’s panty line. The area inside the regular panties is known as the intimate zone. So, the next step is to gradually start removing hair in this area and continue towards the center until we had removed all the hairs. It is best to ensure that you always work in parallel. Just in case, as if a customer wants to stop earlier, before we are finished, then both sides are depilated to the same extent and with a mirroring image on both sides.

red onions next to woman

What is the secret of a perfect Intimate Waxing?

1. Good quality skin care products

  • Clean the skin with 1-2 drops of skin cleanser, we recommend the PINK SkinClean Lotion due to its antibacterial properties.
  • To prepare the skin for waxing, make sure you also evenly apply pre-care oil, you can use the PINK PreCare Oil.
  • After waxing, we have to calm and protect the skin and the product that can do both is the antibacterial PINK AfterCare Cream.
  • For extra soothing and cooling effect we recommend to apply also the PINK SkinCool Gel.
The advantages of PINK PreCare Oil
PINK PreCare Oil Spray
  • The skin is protected
  • Captures the physiological flora of the often dry intimate zone
  • It reduces the sensation of pain when waxing
  • Forms a protective film between wax and skin, so the wax can easily be applied several times to the same area
  • Can also be used on the labia and in the intergluteal cleft

2. High quality wax

Next Generation Wax is very gentle on the intimate skin thanks to its low application temperature and a unique blend of oils.

Hairs in the intimate area often grow in different directions, they are usually a few millimeters short and can also be very bristly. Next Generation Wax grips even the most stubborn hair from a length of 1 mm and can be used multidirectionally.

Next Generation Wax grips well and is perceived to be much more pleasant than waxes that are removed with waxing strips.

This innovative wax remains flexible on the skin for a long time, any number of patches can be applied at the same time and the wax is always easy to remove.

Next Generation Waxes

3. The recommended waxing technique

To wax the entire bikini area, the customer lies in a position of a butterfly, see here – this way we can apply wax easily. If the customer has problems with her hips, a knee roll can be placed on the left and right. We reposition the customer for the crotch area and the intergluteal cleft and buttock fold.

  • Apply wax with a bit of a pressure and tighten the skin
  • Form egg-sized patches with a handle for removing in the hair-free area
  • Pull the patches along the skin, against the direction of hair growth and immediately apply pressure with your hand
Position Brazilian Waxing
Intimate Waxing Demonstration
Intimate Waxing Area

Brazilian waxing is far from all what this innovative pearls can do

The Next Generation Wax makes hair removal on all sensitive parts of the body particularly gentle, easy and fast for even the most sensitive and demanding customers. Whether shaping eyebrows, taming nose hair or trimming ear hair – with Next Generation Wax you can get a grip on even the most stubborn hair and offer premium service in no time.

We wish you successful waxing!

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Many more practical waxing tips straight from the studio can be found in our Waxing Manuals and in the Depiladora’s Secrets Facebook Group.

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