Barber Waxing Training

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Waxing Training

Practice-Oriented Comprehensive Barber Waxing Training

This training is specifically tailored to satisfy the needs of barbers and hairdressers when they decide to add waxing as a service to the their existing business. You will learn how to perform safe and precise hair removal for men, face and neck, using the PINK 1 mm Waxing Technique. This also includes optimal pre-and after care of the skin for a perfect waxing result. This training is carried out together with a Perfect Face training.

Wax used: Next Generation Wax
Duration: 4 hours
Applications: Eyebrows, nasal wings (with beard), nostrils, ears, beard edge & neck
Price: The participation fee for the Barber Waxing Training is €219.99 plus VAT.

Training Content

  • Wax preparation: temperature, consistency, removal
  • Spatula technique: holding, rotation, position
  • Patch technique: shape, size, thickness, weight and positioning on the skin
  • Application technique: pressure, application direction
  • Patch removal technique: tightening technique, peeling direction, position and holding
  • Optimum application of PINK pre- and after care products
  • Practical exercises how to depilate the men’s face – eyebrows, nasal wings (with  beard), nostrils, ears, beard edge and neck
  • Information on the most important hygiene rules and conditions
  • Customer advice and anamnesis in depilation

You Will Receive

  • Practice-oriented training in a small group with a maximum of 4 participants
  • A comprehensive Waxing Manual in bound form with detailed step-by-step instructions, FAQ, price calculations and many other useful waxing tips
  • Free shipping upon ordering on site with your trainer
  • Professionally designed participation certificate for your studio
  • Catering during the training
  • Future know-how, tips & tricks and marketing support via our website, the PINK Waxing Secrets Blogs, Depiladora’s Secrets Facebook Group as well as our Customer Service Team available to you every working day
  • A customer account in the PINK Online Shop

You Will Need

  • Participation at waxing trainings is possible if you are trained in the cosmetics sector, are employed or are planning to become active in the field of cosmetics in the near future.
  • You can participate in the training both with and without any previous waxing experience – our training courses are ideal for both professionals and beginners
  • Waxing is usually performed on the participants themselves – but you can also bring a model along
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