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Frequently Asked Questions
For whom is Waxing Expert Coaching suitable?

A Waxing Expert Coaching is suitable for beginners and professionals, who want to deepen their waxing know-how in direct contact with our PINK Waxing Expert via Skype. All questions about Waxing can be asked via the booking form or using our contacts.

What kind of equipment do I need for the PINK Waxing Expert Coaching?

For this training you will require a webcam either already installed on your computer or a separate one mounted on the screen to ensure good visibility of your working area. You will require also good internet connection to ensure good quality audio and video are being transmitted

What are the benefits of the PINK Inhouse Waxing Training?

The PINK Inhouse Training is an exclusive training only for you and your staff, where our PINK Waxing Trainer will respond individually to your desired waxing training focus. The main advantage of the PINK In-House Training is that participants do not have to travel and therefore there are no additional costs. This time advantage allows your studio to stay open longer for end users.

How many participants can attend PINK Inhouse Waxing Training?

The PINK Inhouse Training can be booked for up to 6 participants. However the exact number depends on the training emphasis and the equipment of your studio among other things such as available rooms. Our Waxing Trainer will be happy to advise you prior to making any arrangements.

Where and when do PINK Waxing Trainings take place?

"I am very satisfied with the wax and would recommend it anytime. To work professionally and achieve the best possible results, in my opinion, requires professional training. In the training, you learn so many tips and tricks. Keep it up!"
Manuela M.
Beauty Studio
"The best wax ever! Whether Hot Wax or Strip Wax, both great to work with and pleasant for the customers. Also, the training courses are highly recommended, informative and very hands-on, so you come out with a very good feeling."
Sabine H.
be(e) Beauty, Medical Beautician,
Pedicure & Cosmetics
"Next Generation Hot Wax removes unwanted hair quickly and in a clean way."
Ernst & Ernst
Hair-styling & Barbershop
"My beautician removes my hair with this wax, I think it's great!
The skin feels super smooth and soft and the result is hairless!"
Vanessa S.
End user
"That's just great! The best wax on the market, I can recommend it.
All trainings mega professional! Big praise to the company."
Mejrima Bradaric, Berlin
Maryliner Professional
"Since we work with PINK Wax, we have more satisfied customers and no more skin reactions."
Birgit Nehring, Köln
"The best wax in all areas! Heats up super fast, clean to apply, has a pleasant smell, top result!"
Johanna Burggraf, Kirchweidach
Beauty & Make-Up Artist
"The best product I've ever worked with. My customers love it and are very happy with it. Effective, fast and gentle to the skin."
Sylvia Rothe, Fischen im Allgäu
Beauty & Eyelash Studio
"Finally, a wax that does what it should. The support is great and the delivery is fast. My customers are very excited. Thank you PINK!"
Angela Zimmermann, Geisa
Studio Hautnah
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