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The Next Generation Wax Family is growing

Wax in Style with Pink Lady! A Must Have for Beauty Professionals

Pink Lady pearls – so you can always be on top of your fashion.
These trendy wax pearls are an extension of the growing Next Generation Berry Bomb Wax. They remove even the most stubborn hair from 1 mm. It is the only Next Generation Wax available in a smaller 300 G size. It is perfect for manicure and pedicure professionals, nail designers and brow stylists. With the Pink Lady Pouch you can wax up to 40 pairs of eyebrows.

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Experience the Waxing Sensation!

For all beauty professionals searching for the most innovative hair removal on the market. The highly effective Next Generation Wax makes waxing faster, gentler and more effective than ever before. Boost your business and offer premium waxing on face, underarms and intimate areas already from 1 mm hair length.
With one 800g pouch you can wax either 100 eyebrows, 80 upper lips or 30 underarms.

“That’s just great! The best wax on the market, I can recommend it.”

Maryliner Professional – Eyelash Studio Berlin

1mm waxing benefits

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Ideal for waxing of sensitive skin

Next Generation Berrybomb
  • Easy to use, no prior experience necessary, perfect for beginners
  • Gentle on the skin thanks to low application temperature and hypoallergenic composition
  • The skin is protected and cared for due to rich oils in the wax and the right PINK Pre-Waxing Oil
  • Suitable for Face Waxing incl. eyebrows, upper lip, nose, ears, neck, underarms, bikini zone and the entire intimate area

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Why you will love this product?

Next Generation 1mm Collage
  • This premium wax removes even the shortest hair from 1 mm very quickly, easily and thoroughly
  • Thanks to its high elasticity, Next Generation Wax remains flexible for a longer time and does not break on the skin
  • A real sales booster for beauty professionals and a top addition to services such as nails, lashes and facials
  • These unique waxing pearls are available in 6 wonderful scents and take the beauty world by storm
  • The Next Generation Wax is also included in many PINK Waxing Kits with a 10% discount

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Waxing Made Easy!

Next-Gen-Berry bomb scetches

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PINK SkinCare

Gentle Care – Now Refreshingly Different

The new PINK SkinCare range is refreshingly different: Enriched with nourishing ingredients, these products offer perfect waxing experience by protecting, calming, and regenerating even the most sensitive skin. The PINK SkinCare range is vegan, antibacterial and free of parabens.

Do you work with Next Generation Wax?
Then these 4 pre- and aftercare products offer optimal results for your everyday waxing.

Pre and Aftercare PINK Cosmetics

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Experience the world of PINK Waxing


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Manuela M.
"I am very satisfied with the wax and would recommend it anytime. To work professionally and achieve the best possible results, in my opinion, requires professional training. In the training, you learn so many tips and tricks. Keep it up!"
Manuela M.
Beauty Studio
Sabine H.
"The best wax ever! Whether Hot Wax or Strip Wax, both great to work with and pleasant for the customers. Also, the training courses are highly recommended, informative and very hands-on, so you come out with a very good feeling."
Sabine H.
be(e) Beauty, Medical Beautician,
Pedicure & Cosmetics
"Next Generation Hot Wax removes unwanted hair quickly and in a clean way."
Ernst & Ernst
Hair-styling & Barbershop
Vanessa S.
"My beautician removes my hair with this wax, I think it's great!
The skin feels super smooth and soft and the result is hairless!"
Vanessa S.
End user
Mejrima Bradaric, Berlin
"That's just great! The best wax on the market, I can recommend it.
All trainings mega professional! Big praise to the company."
Mejrima Bradaric, Berlin
Maryliner Professional
Birgit Nehring, Köln
"Since we work with PINK Wax, we have more satisfied customers and no more skin reactions."
Birgit Nehring, Köln
Johanna Burggraf
"The best wax in all areas! Heats up super fast, clean to apply, has a pleasant smell, top result!"
Johanna Burggraf, Kirchweidach
Beauty & Make-Up Artist
Sylvia Rothe, Fischen im Allgäu
"The best product I've ever worked with. My customers love it and are very happy with it. Effective, fast and gentle to the skin."
Sylvia Rothe, Fischen im Allgäu
Beauty & Eyelash Studio
Angela Zimmermann, Geisa
"Finally, a wax that does what it should. The support is great and the delivery is fast. My customers are very excited. Thank you PINK!"
Angela Zimmermann, Geisa
Studio Hautnah
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